Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Marisa

Hello Class! My name is Marisa Jetter, I am senior and a Communications and Media Studies major with a minor in Sociology. I am interested in pursuing a career in Public Relations and Marketing. I am currently interning at the Union Square Hospitality Group which is Danny Meyer's restaurant group. Some of my previous internships including positions at Redbook magazine, The Rosen Group which is a small PR firm and NBC News. I love to travel and I am heading to Park City, Utah for Sundance this weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Michael Wesch's Videos

This video serves as a good introduction to Web 2.0 for us.  The introduction of xml as an alternative to html coding opens up new possibilities for user-generated content, collaboration, and social interaction.

And let's add his sequel, Information R/evolution:

And for a somewhat different perspective, from the student side of things...

About me

My name is Jose Pichardo, I was born and raised in the Bronx but I currently raise my children in the Town of Newburgh. I am an Army Vet who worked nine years in the securities market in the World Trade Center prior to 9/11. from 9/11 to January 2006 I owned my own flooring company and in 2006, I became a letter carrier in the USPS. I am currently a Psychology major going towards Graduate School of Education and hope to be a teacher by the time I am forty.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Sheena

Hi everyone!
My name is Sheena Parand and I’m a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Spanish. I am interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology and hope to someday work with children and young adolescents. I hope that this course can give me some insight on the psychology of social media and its effects on children and teenagers. Apart from that, I’m from a small town outside of Boston and I run cross country and track here at Fordham. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Monday, January 25, 2010


This is an interesting article recently printed in the publication where I intern. It is about the role of social media in the financial industry.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm Kim

Hi everyone I'm Kim Engel. I'm a junior majoring in Communication and media studies and minoring in English. I grew up in Clifton Park, NY, which is just north of Albany. I love all things related to sports, especially MLB and horse racing and hope to someday cover one of these two as a reporter. I'm most interested in how social networking has grown into such a large phenomenon that it's almost impossible nowadays for anyone to start or sustain a career without becoming involved in it. I'm looking forward to a great class with everyone!

By the way here's a an article about social networking and its impact on finding and creating jobs:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Amanda

Hi Everyone,
My name is Amanda Fiscina and I am a senior majoring in American Studies and Communications. I have wanted to be a journalist since 5th grade (it is in my elementary school yearbook) and I hope to find a job in either print or online media after graduation. I have interned at the New York Post, CBS, a group of community newspapers on Long Island and am currently working at a Crain's publication called Investment News. I am both looking forward to graduation and starting a career but also really anxious about it and am going to miss Fordham a lot.

I'm Dennis

I am Dennis DeVivo. I am a Junior majoring in Communications, and I think I am going to minor in the Classics. I am from New York and attended Xavier High School downtown. I ran track for two and a half years, highlighted by a trip to Disneyland in Florida. I love sports especially football, baseball, and college basketball. I also enjoy ultimate frisbee but on a less serious level. Hopefully, I will be working as a sports announcer, journalist, or analyst. Fantasy sports are becoming more popular and would be an area of interest. I just want to do something I love rather than getting stuck doing a job that I have no interest in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Mariel-Introduction

Hi my name is Mariel Di Biase and I am a senior, majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a History Minor. After school ends I would like to work in fashion or beauty, assisting on fashion shoots and store design. I am currently interning at Michael Kors, this being my second semester there. I look foward to finishing up my senior year but not to leaving Fordham in the spring!

I'm Tim

Hey everyone,
My name is Tim Smith and I'm originally from the Boston area but spent my senior year of high school in North Carolina due to my fathers job move. I'm a Junior seeking a major in Communications and a minor in Philosophy. I have a passion for music and play on the club lacrosse team. Looking forward to an enjoyable class and semester. See you next week.

Welcome to the Class!

Welcome to our class blog!  This is the official blog for Fordham University's Social Media class, and I want to make it clear that I did not choose the name for this blog, it was the students' idea.  Just a disclaimer, thank you very much.

And in case you were wondering, here's our class syllabus:

CM 3307; Social Media; Spring 2010
Dr. Lance Strate, Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 434A
Telephone: (718) 817-4864; E-mail:
Office Hours: Mon. 4:30- 5:30; Tues. 1-2; Wed. 2-3, or by appointment.

Point of View of This Course:
In this course, we will create a collaborative learning environment, and learning community, in order to explore, examine, and understand the contemporary online media environment, with special emphasis on the recent phenomena known as social media, including social networking and Web 2.0.

Required Text:
New New Media, by Paul Levinson
Additional readings will be provided in class or online.

Course Objectives :
1. To explore and participate in the contemporary online media environment and the social networking/Web 2.0 phenomenon.

2. To examine the contemporary online media environment from a variety of different perspectives, including the aesthetic, phenomenological, philosophical, critical, historical, anthropological, psychological, and media ecological.

3. To analyze the personal, social, and cultural implications of the contemporary online media environment.


1. Participation. First, there is the Fordham College policy that unexcused absences are grounds for failure. Second, there is the basic requirement that you attend class with a minimum of absences (excused or unexcused), and that you come to class on time and remain for the full duration of class. Third, you need to participate sensibly during class meetings. Fourth, you need to participate in group activities online, including an exploration of social media sites such as MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube, and fulfillment of assignments related to that exploration. Participation will account for 40% of the final grade.

2. Written Work and Other Creative Activity. You will be required to produce written commentary and analysis and post it on our public blog. This will include assessments of assigned readings, discussion and analysis of online experiences and materials, and commentary on each other's work. Your written work will be graded in terms of quantity, timeliness, and quality, and will account for 40% of the final grade.

3. Examination. There will be a final examination, which will account for 20% of the final grade.

Tentative Schedule

Jan. 20      Introduction to the Class

Jan. 27      Web 2.0, Social Networking, and Social Media

            Reading Due:  Preface & Chap. 1

Feb. 3           Blogging

            Reading Due: Chap. 2

Feb. 10      YouTube

            Reading Due: Chap. 3

Feb. 17      Wikipedia

            Reading Due: Chap. 4

Feb. 24      Digg

            Reading Due:  Chap. 5

Mar. 3           MySpace

            Reading Due:  Chap. 6

Mar. 10      Facebook

            Reading Due: Chap. 7

Mar. 17      Spring Recess — No Class Meeting

Mar. 24      Twitter

            Reading Due:  Chap. 8

Mar. 31      Second Life

            Reading Due: Chap. 9

Apr. 7           Podcasting

            Reading Due: Chap. 10

Apr. 14      Costs and Consequences

            Reading Due: Chap. 11

Apr. 21      Politics

            Reading Due: Chap. 12

Apr. 28      The Mobile Revolution

            Reading Due: Chap. 13

May 5          Conclusion to the Course

May 12      1:30-3:30 Final Exam