Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Attitude Evolves With Technology

Since I graduated 8th grade in 2003 there have been tremendous developments in digital media. In chapter one of New New Media Levinson talks about how far software and hardware have come in such a short amount of time. He uses the example of a phone used in the James Bond movies filmed only two years apart from each other to show how far the phone has come. In just two years time the phone has better capabilities, but also better technological prowess. I believe that in such a short time not only has technology evolved greatly, but also our attitude towards it.
I remember very few of my friends using facebook during my freshman year of high school and seven years later I cannot think of one of my friends who does not have facebook. I feel that when facebook first came out people were very hesitant to accept this new trend. Seven years ago most people stuck to phone calls and AOL instant messaging for their social communication. As facebook grew more popular it also became more technologically advanced. Facebook now allows its users to post videos, chat, and play games, all of which did not exist when I first signed up for it. Facebook is not alone in gaining acceptance among technologies
I don’t think I ever sent a single text message when I had my first cell phone in 2003. I don’t even think I knew how to send a text message with my old phone. Now I send about 50 texts a day made easier by the keyboard on my phone that my old one did not have. I used to feel that sending texts was so pointless. Why send a text when you can just call and say the same thing? I now find myself avoiding calls at any cost and even texting people from across the room. Technology will continue a special place in our heart.

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  1. Excellent point about the continuing changes, and the fate of IM. Text does seem to have grown in importance, and social media such as Twitter have taken advantage of that, with Facebook following Twitter's lead.