Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chapter 1 Why "New New" Media

On page 12 professor Levinson discusses how quickly new new media appear and evolve and the speed at which they do. He used Twitter as his example but what is interesting is that at first twitter did not evolve very quickly. It did not take off, as Levinson noted until November 2008, but was founded/created in 2006. I wish he had gone more into why it did not take off originally. I believe this is because some of new new medias success and expansion rests on its ability to perfectly define itself and its capabilities until this is done users will be unsure of the what to do with it.

I think another example of this is myspace. It was one of the first programs/sites for friends to connect and share on and has been pretty good at "holding its own" as Facebook has taken over this platform. But Myspace has become far more successful since its onset of Myspace Music. It has become a popular destination to merge friends, groups and music. I believe new new media must find its niche before serious success can take place.

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  1. I do agree with your point about niche and core competencies, although it seems that more and more social media sites are trying to offer everything to everybody.