Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I "digg" your story

Before reading this chapter, I had never signed on to digg before. I think it's a really good concept and I'm suprised to hear that in 2009 its ranking dropped to 272 in the top American online sites. I appreciate how it is more personal that wikipedia, due to the fact that it requires email account while also encouraging "friendship" when two users become a fan of the same story, allowing them to send "shouts" to one another. Howevor as with any online identity people can be mislead with pseudonyms. Most educated online users know not to trust anyone they meet online anyway, So the sharing of any URL, should not be threatening to anyone.
It's unfortunate that small groups of people who are out to destroy the true intent of this website gather together and "digg" or comment on a post until it gains mass popularity, although abusive comments are reported this "lobbying" by "gamers." What is interesting to me about this are tye past advertising operations done in the past to deliver a certain amount of diggs for a story for $1. This could potentially generate alot of money, but ruins the site for everyone else. The risks seem lower than the benefits on this site and I definitely intend on creating an account for myself on the "digg" website to add to my social media accounts.

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  1. As noted, when you have a system that's open, it's open to manipulation, and to gaming. It's not easy to find the right balance to these things, it seems.