Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chapter 3 YouTube

Although Professor Levinson was focusing on teen and adolescent violence in his section Viral Videos Gone Bad I immediately thought about Facebook photos. I keep my photos private and I try to regularly go through them and evaluate if they or any should be taken down. I do this because I do not want a potential job to see them and I do not want to be seen in a negative light. A lot of my friends have siblings who are still in high school and from seeing their photos it is as if they do not realize how detrimental the photos of them drinking at 15 or posing scantly clad in a mirror can be for their future. This new new media has created a platform where you almost have to, in the eyes of younger people, upload things that can create "continuing shame in the future," because everyone else is and you want to show you are as well. They are providing harmful evidence and it is sad because it seems there is no real way to review or control this from happening.

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  1. true enough, but more so of Facebook than YouTube.