Wednesday, May 5, 2010

While browsing through the vast Internet, I found one scholarly site that spoke to me as a student. It was a social networking site, but also a scholarly article website. You're able to share articles with other peers and see whose reading the same articles as you as well. There are over 3 million articles and about 5,000 new ones published every day from a range of topics. I think they should categorize the site more, instead of having one massive search. This website would be useful to students because all you need is a user name and password and don't have to pay a fee.
Websites like Jstor through Fordham take a while to get to through Fordham access codes and most students have a limited amount of sources other than google to search on reliable information about a topic. I like that it automatically extracts citation details, as it did for my scholarly journal reference. It's basically one massive social bookmarking cite, but is useful for those more serious about what they are doing on the Internet such as scientists and students. I wish I found this cite earlier at Fordham, as it began in 2004, but will still most likely use it in the future, although I will be graduating in May. I also plan to tell current students about it.


  1. I certainly commend you for this post about sharing scholarship!

  2. Thanks for sharing this; I used this site this week while I was looking for research for one of my final papers.