Saturday, May 1, 2010


Facebook has now taken over the internet it seems. Every page I go onto there is a 'Like' button to attach to your personal page. As much as this seems to bother me, because it is pointless, I am most frustrated by the ever-changing personal page options. I had been able to dodge the "Connect to" offers as Facebook attempts to try to make you connect your page with pages of your interest. But two days ago, I lost this battle. I hit connect to all and put simply, found it to be pointless and annoying. Facebook kept telling me that if I didn't "connect" my page to my hometown, it won't show up on my page. Are you kidding me? I have to like the town of Westford, MA and Winston-Salem, NC just to have it on my page? Come on Facebook, let's take a step back and re-evaluate the path you're taking. Personally, part of the lure of the site to begin with was everyone has the same layouts with information they chose to share, but it wasn't too much to handle. Now I can like or just to annoy my friends when it shows up on their feed. If there was an article on either of those sites I was able to post a link before, so why change it? Am I just losing it or is this bothersome to others?


  1. I definitely share your frustrations. The other day, as I'm sure it happened to everyone else, I had to go through all of my interests/personal information and was dumbfounded by how I had to like "90's Music" in order to keep it. I liked it better when I could just say under my music interests: The 90's were great without me having join a group or fan page that I really don't want any inboxes from, etc.

  2. And I also noticed on Facebook, how when you search something, bing search engine results show up too. Crazy! It took me by surprise when I was trying to find someone I had a class with and then came across their articles for The Ram.

  3. It does seem that Facebook has "jumped the shark" recently.