Thursday, May 13, 2010

Periodic Table of Social Media

I am writing a paper on the uses of Twitter in the corporate business world for a final project in another class I am taking. I interviewed Rick Liebing for it (coincidentally he is actually the man from BJ Emerson's TastiDlite Empire State building promotion story, who got all the free ice cream from just being on Twitter). Mr. Liebing works in PR and is very active with social media and created a periodic table of social media that is pretty interesting. He explains that "social Media really is a lot like chemistry- there is a huge pool of elements you can choose from and an infinite variety of combinations you can create." Here is the link to his full explanation of the chart:

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  1. this is very interesting. I'm not sure how well it maps the territory, but it does get you to think about the different types of social media and different ways that people engage with them.