Tuesday, May 4, 2010

POPURLS - "Genuine Agreggator"

I "stumbled upon" the website, POPURLS, just the other day and felt it was worth mentioning in the blog. The website is regarded as "the genuine news aggregator for the latest web buzz." The site lists a great number of social networking sites and general topics including, popular news, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Flickr, YouTube, Google Blogs, New York Times, Hulu, Fark, and many others. The site then lists the latest and most popular links from each site. I checked the site again this morning and the links had changed since the last time I checked. The website is constantly updating the links the ensure that the current, most viewed site from is posted. This is a great way to obtain news and become educated on the issues ongoing today or simply to find funny videos or blog posts. Regardless of your intentions on the site, POPURLS proves to be an intelligent site dedicated to bringing you the latest buzz.


  1. The idea of this kinda seems like an extension of Twitter trends. With the trends, everyone on Twitter can see what are the most talked about topics, what everyone is talking about in real life with others, which are usually in regards to news, entertainment, and celebrity gossip, etc. But with POPURLS, it's more than that. You get the content of everything that everyone is talking about. Pretty neat.

  2. It does seem to combine aspects of Twitter trends and Digg. Nice addition!