Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

After reading about Twitter in Chapter 8, I still don't understand the large lure it has. I remember when Twitter was just beginning to have a buzz and people were curious about it and not until this class had I visited it. Being required to make an account, I had done so, but used it only once I believe.
I understand that for some people, celebrities, politicians, or other influential people, the use of Twitter may be advantageous, but beyond them it's pointless. Levinson draws a connection to status updates on Myspace and Facebook, but those sites also have much more than the updates. I know personally, I update my status once a week, maybe more sometimes, but it's not something I look to update about what I ate or anything like that.
I recognize for some people Twitter is enjoyable and useful, but I don't have a need or purpose for it.


  1. Twitter definitely is more advantageous for those with high profile statuses, or for large businesses, corporations, etc. Though most people may like to think that their daily activities and deep thoughts are going to change the world, unless they're Ashton Kutcher or another high profile member on Twitter, their tweet will most likely go unnoticed, unfortunately.

  2. Yes, it can also be a source of entertainment. It's a funny kind of thing, Twitter seems to be a social medium that some folks just don't care for, and others love, and that for some, involve a sudden conversion from one state to the other.