Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I just recently created a Twitter account for this class, and I have to say that I love Twitter. I always thought that Twitter was too public - writing where you are at, what you are doing - publicly announcing it to the world I thought was a bit too much. But being able to put private settings and being able to see quotes or just talk to your friends through twitter is interesting. I say interesting because we can easily call, text, email, or chat but twitter is a whole new world. Also the advertising is different - reaching to each person on a direct level but also a public level since everyone can view the tweets. Twitter really does bring interpersonal and mass communication as one.


  1. Glad that you got something out of the experience.

  2. To maximize the potential on Twitter, I think it is important to find a balance between the people we follow so as not to get overwhelmed by useless information or people we have limited interest in.