Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Why do you love Twitter?"

I searched “Twitter” in YouTube and found this interesting video posted by Darren Rowse titled, "Why I Love Twitter." He tweeted “why do you love twitter?” and received over 100 responses in just a few hours. This alone shows Levinson’s idea of Twitter as the “epitome of immediacy” (Levinson, 134). Rowse composed the video of the many responses he received to his tweet. Although the video is rather lengthy, you can get a general consensus of people’s thoughts and reactions to Twitter. I found it interesting that more than a few users mentioned that they love Twitter because it makes them feel as though they are in an office or working place when in reality they work alone at home. This reveals the idea of community that is established by Twitter and its users. One user jokingly responded that he loves his wife but thinks he is having an affair with Twitter. In a sense, you are indeed forming a sort of relationship with the site and your followers by disclosing personal information, feelings, opinions, and ideas on any subject or topic of your choice. Many of the responses were general feelings about the connectivity with other people, quick resource for interesting information, news, and advice, and to communicate with others of the same interest. Some of the responses are funny and sarcastic so I hope you enjoy the video!


  1. I really like this video idea. Not even 21 seconds in I saw some good reasons why people use it. "It's my water cooler" is one that stood out to me. It doesn't change my feelings toward Twitter but I can realize why some people are drawn to it. Yet, I'd like to suggest people interact with real people on occasion, perhaps at a real water cooler.

  2. With other social media, we generally tend to communicate with "friends" who are close with us in real life or at least know somewhat for whatever reason. Yet Twitter brings on a whole new dimension, where talking to strangers and to people who we will never see in real life is not only normal, but it's what makes Twitter unique. We have the chance to talk to anyone about current events, similar interests, and anything else. Though this may not be for everyone, it's still impressive.
    This video really demonstrated that idea- many of the tweets stated something to the effect of how Twitter has allowed users to communicate with people in ways they never thought possible. I can't help but agree.

  3. I think it does come down to the C's


  4. This video definitely gave me ideas of using Twitter as a forum for brainstorming. Just by asking a question on Twitter, I can receive several responses with varying perspectives, which can be a very useful starting point.