Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The other day I read a quote from someone referring to MySpace as the "internet's own elephant graveyard". Perhaps like all other trends MySpace is fading because although it was popular during the early 2000's I do not know anyone who actively keeps up with their previously created accounts. I also think that within my age group MySpace gets a bad reputation. Many of my friends see it as an old form of communication that is now only used by creepy adults trolling around and barely dressed underage girls who love taking pictures via the mirror in their bathrooms.

However, as Levinson points out MySpace can functions outside the realm of "bringing people together". I have to remember that there is a world outside my circle of friends because there are still millions of people who continue to log on. MySpace offers them a platform to express themselves and showcase their work. Until reading this chapter I failed to realize how much MySpace can help a struggling musician or writer get their work recognized by professionals. By posting a song or written work they are able to build a fan base and hear feedback that can make their work even stronger. An artist with 500,00 views on MySpace obviously looks like a better choice than someone who is unheard of. Through MySpace they already have a fan base that has members located all over the world. The professional contemplating whether or not to give the artist a chance may have greater assurance in his choice knowing that there already exists public approval. Plus, it shows the artist was proactive in getting his or her work out to the public, showing how much they really desire to succeed. While MySpace may have started out as a purely social network it has clearly expanded outside that realm, which gives it staying power in today's competitive market.

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  1. I'm one of those creepy adults, you know! I do think it still is a good site for creative expression and the arts, as you note, and especially is being repositioned as a portal for music.