Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I personally had an account on myspace for a year in high school, but decided to delete it, as it served no purpose to me when I created a facebook when I went to college. The kind of reputation that it started to get was that it was "trashy" and "made for stalkers" and I thought it was unnecessary to have two social networking accounts. Yet, I still used it for music. A great benefit to myspace, is that many artists create pages about their music, where you can also listen via mp3. The book also states how it had become a new path for successful recording artists to gain attention.
Another outlet that myspace provides for self expression is the common use of it for users poetry. I also found out in the reading that an independent publisher created "NeoPoiesis Press" which is an online publisher that promotes online publishers, writers and poets that reflect the spirit of the new electronic media and using myspace as an outlet. Levinson also comments how the Neopoiesis relies on old media of books, poetry, writing and art to achieve success, this mixing of old an new media is similar to popular blogs such as Tucker Max becoming a best selling book.

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  1. NeoPoiesis is not an online publisher, all of the books are in print. It was organized by several of us who "met" online as part of the MySpace poetry community.