Monday, March 22, 2010

Twitter in the News

Professor Levinson's reflections on Twitter were all very interesting, especially his analysis of Rep. Hoekstra and Iran.

From taking this class, I have become hyper aware of social media as a trending topic in the news and as it turns out, the New York Times writes about Twitter quite frequently. In the last month I have seen so many articles about Twitter in relation to business growth, diplomacy, networking, job searching, fashion and other seemingly unrelated topics. I think the strong presence of Twitter in this traditional print media source shows that society and journalists alike are extremely intrigued and perplexed with how the new medium will affect both the field of communications and our country in general.

Here are a few links to those articles:

Twitter & Diplomacy:
Twitter & Business:
Twitter & Art:

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  1. Thanks for the links, but how about providing summaries for us?