Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reconnecting with friends on facebook

I think that one of the best qualities of facebook is being able to reconnect with old friends/family that you may have otherwise not have if facebook didn't exist. Even if you're not as close anymore, or they are half way across the world, it is interesting to see how your childhood friends may have changed or what they are doing in their young adult lives, (from my perspective). Most everyone that I know is on facebook and I find it really interesting that with out this social navigation tool, we may have completely forgotten about old aquaitances because of distance. Yet, this interactive online social site that allow us to "chat", keep event dates, message, join groups, pages, etc., allows the option for anyone to be one click away from basically anyone in their life. Personally, my Aunt and uncle have lots of opinions about my life, and they comment about every post I have. If facebook didn't exist, they probably would have had little idea of what I was doing.

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  1. This is a major phenomenon, especially for older generations, like my own. It is sobering to realize that the younger generations will not experience this, though, as they will never lose touch in the first place!