Wednesday, March 3, 2010


To fully grasp the term new new media, one just has to experience it. One is in total control of their new media experience. There are different forms of new new media in which one can write, post, edit, share … the list goes on. Like Levinson states in page 2, “new new media in particular, not only compete with one another but work to each other’s benefit.”

There are different articles regarding the new new media rising. One new new media is Facebook; Facebook gives one the opportunity to learn about others as well as ask different questions by creating a group where others can join or become a fan of. The New York Times blog City Room posts an article on how one can even find “Secrets of New York.”

On Facebook, one has the opportunity to create, learn, be in control on how to use their new new media. As Levinson says in page 1, “the consumers are now the producers.”

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  1. One scholar calls the merging of producing and consuming produsage.