Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Changing World

I have honestly never listened to a podcast upon reading Levinson’s chapter on it. But I have definitely gained interest after reading about it, seeing some of my classmates’ posts, and doing my own online research of it. After reading each of Levinson’s chapters, I like look up ways the discussed media works to promote global change. I found a great example of a podcast that does just that. The Changing World is a collaboration between the BBC World Service, Public Radio International, and PRI’s The World. It is a series of documentaries that cover the multiple dimensions of a single global issue. For example, some of their programs include segments on politics, the environment, wildlife, etc. Actually, the Bronx Zoo was featured in the documentary, “What’s the Point of Zoo’s?” by reporter Lynn Malcolm on the debate over keeping animals in captivity for public enjoyment. Their most recent documentary, “The Virtual Revolution: Part 2” by journalist Aleks Krotoski, actually relates well to our class. Krotoski examines how the Web has transformed our world, influenced the youth, and altered our sense of privacy.

After discovering this podcast and reading Levinson’s chapter, I think I will explore and listen to more pod casts in the future.

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  1. Of course, that's an example of old media using new media, radio programming archived on the internet as podcasts, as opposed to individuals without access to broadcasting making their own radio programming.