Sunday, April 25, 2010

Obama in the age of new new media

What I found by reading this chapter is the beginnings of a more technologically connected president through online mediums such as blogging on, emails, facebook groups, blackberry messaging and many other forms of interactive technology through the Internet.
The Internet apparently assisted Obama a great deal in the 2008 election. Sites such as were able to keep registered users up to date on campaign developments. The other official website of the government ( also apparently is becoming more useful to members of the party rather by being more interactive with blogging and publishing of non emergency legislative information, rather than just propaganda material and links to the press.
Yet, old mediums such as the telephone are still a very direct and personal way to make an impression on voters.
One positive way the Obama campaign used the new medium of email was by emailing each of the callers who called for voters on election day (1,053,791). Yet, I agreed with the overall opinion that it was a poor idea to use email to only those on his email list to let the information out that Joe Biden would run for VP. The biggest problem with out using other media such as television, newspapers, etc to let this news out is that it seemed really random and quick without room for discussion.
Lastly, I found it funny that in an interview with Barbra Walters, Obama presented himself as just another person in the age of new technology as he mentioned how he didn't want to be taken away from his blackberry. It also made sense to me that people would not want him using it fr personal "embarrassing messages" that would be easily available to hackers, but in the end he was able to have it with "a super encryption package."

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  1. I believe he still has his Blackberry, or as some call it, his crackberry.