Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chapter 12 and Chapter 13

New New Media and the Election of 2008.
The part that stuck out to me the most was the email that Keith Goodman sent out to everyone who had made calls for Obama. It was so conversational and it was influential. It really epitomized the ability of a user to become a producer. If you made calls you became part of the campaign--it was so simple. His carefully worded email made those people who made phone calls feel like they had their part in history-- "Together we did it!"

This chapter reinforced the idea that we basically can never be out of the loop. With things and applications streaming to our smartphones in real time we know when things happen and we know it exactly when it happens. We carry these things everywhere and as Levinson stated "smartphones have made the circumstances in which we engage new new media more private (the bed) and more public (the park)." I work in PR and the Senior Account Executive who I work closely with sleeps with her blackberry--for both new and new new media purposes. She needs to read all her emails exactly when they come and she is constantly updating twitter and facebook for her clients. Also I did a segment last week where we had a social media expert discuss four square at Madison Square Park. He chose the park because of the Shake Shack within and how it has become a social media hotspot. It is talked about in social media and social media is used to meet up there. Once we finished taping the gentlemen realized his friend was also checked in at the Shake Shack and they met up for lunch--randomly because he had foursquare on his blackberry in the middle of a park in NYC.

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  1. Yes, it's online all the time, at least in theory. And location is just the latest thing!