Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Podcasting ~ Chapter 10

I never heard the term podcasting before this class. It is easy to podcast – all you need is ‘a microphone and a sound-recording program’ (Levinson, 154). The marvels of new new media still manage to amaze me – to be able to broadcast a song one has made or an interview in a matter of seconds by podcasting is incredible. One can put information or a song and automatically start to inspire others or change others’ lives with their word. Podcasting and other social medias continue to affect us and our lifestyles and will continue to do so as we progress to the future.


  1. The uses of podcasts are vast and can have a large influence. It'll be interesting to observe how podcasting grows as it is still a recently developed idea.

  2. Aside from podcasting, iTunes does allow amateur musicians to upload their music, and of course that's also one of the strong points of MySpace.