Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The President and New Media

I have to agree with everything on Chapter 12, the Obama administration really use new media to boost their campaign to victory. I remember getting an email for every little thing that was occurring in the campaign and the name would come up as OBAMA. Not only in the emails but the Obama name and logo were everywhere on cars, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo name the Social Media site and there he was either the face, logo or with the message of Hope for America.


  1. New new media really did make a difference - Obama had fan pages and groups on Facebook, there were tweets about the campaigns, videos on YouTube...
    It is going to be interesting to see how new new media will affect future presidential campaigns.

  2. The use of "Obama" as the sender is a creative way for the campaign to make people feel like its a personal thing. While we all realize it isn't really Obama, there may be a subconscious acceptance.

  3. Great points all around. There was a sense of a personal connection.