Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"The essence of new media is choice"

I thought this article was interesting as it highlighted benefits of smart phones apps that are really important such as saving time, money, time finding a job.


As technology of mobile media advances, it's users have become more and more attached. Ever since the break of the land line phone, we are using "smart phones" in every aspect of our life everywhere we go, from the park, to our office to our bed. The chapter even mentions the idea of advancing the i phone, blackberry and blue tooth to become an implant in our brain. Although new productions have pretty much an endless timeline, it is important to realize that is is all of our choice to be up to date and connected constantly. Those who can afford it will follow the hardware trends, but it is also necessary to take a step back from the group mentality and recognize how influenced by engaging products such as lab tops, cell phones, smart phones, etc. we really are.
I really liked how Levinson quotes the Rolling Stones, "You can't always get what you want." Yet, in terms of information that seems much less true. Newspapers, video clips, web pages, friends on my space, facebook, twitters, blogs and countless other sites are literally at our fingertips with devices like the iphone.


  1. Choice certainly is an American value, closely related to freedom. But what exactly are we given a choice of? Also, please turn the URL into a link.

  2. I agree that choice is definitely something we value here, and something we take advantage of. However, I do believe that it is this matter of choice along with the need for immediacy that really drives people to purchase these expensive devices.

  3. I think the ultimate choice that we all have to make is how closely we want to follow the device trend if at all, (obviously depends on alot of factors such as money, and time available to be dedicated to hardware use).