Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fantasy Focus 06010

About a year ago, as I was reading a column by Matthew Berry on espn.com, I noticed a link to his podcast about fantasy baseball and listened in. I have been listening ever since as Berry and his partner Nate Ravitz argue about players and statistics. However, it was the nonsense that grabbed my attention and most likely earned them two podcast awards.

I noticed that the podcast was much like a really informal radio show. Although editing is possible, the producer Jay Soderberg, better known as Pod Vader, rarely edits out anything which adds to the nonsense. The Fantasy Focus podcast, baseball and football, have created a community of people from all parts of the world who share an affinity for fantasy sports. Phrases like "put in on the board" and "factually correct" constantly remind fantasy focus fans about the podcast. Berry and Ravitz read listeners' emails and conduct interviews with some of them on occasion and have interviewed celebrities ranging from Alyssa Milano to Jesse Ventura to Larry Fitzgerald.

In addition, they created the Man's League in which fifteen or so people compete with Pod Vader in a fantasy league in order to crush him and allow Berry and Ravitz to constantly ridicule their producer. Getting into the league has proven to be strange and very funny. One man even went so far as to pour yogurt on himself just to get in. Here's the link on YouTube:


The link for the Fantasy Focus baseball podcast is:


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