Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My favorite use of Podcasts is educational. Just like so many people used grammar girl in order to enhance their skills I used a couple Italian grammar and language Podcasts to keep up my foreign language skills. The free nature of Podcasting allows for such a variety of lessons and topics. It's amazing to be able to hone in on skills in a fun manner on the time of my choosing. Just as Levinson said this type of experience is "both valuable and enjoyable."

Just as blogger is a way for young, aspiring journalists to break into the industry, Podcasting seems like a way for hopeful radio personalities to break in. It allows them to conduct interviews as well as produce. It shows initiative.


  1. Podcasts are certainly great tools for educational uses. You can learn to play guitar or do a bunch of other activities. It has some practical uses, but I see it as a niche tool. For only certain people who need it or like it.

  2. Some universities and professors archive their lectures as podcasts, and anyone can listen to them and get a free education (and of course students who miss class can make it up).