Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Dark Side of New Media

"Faceless, voiceless names on the web have made bullying easier to mete out." While it is clearly easier for someone to bully when they have no physical restraints shouldn't it be easier to find the bullying? There are so many ways to find information and conversations on the internet that I found it hard to understand why there isn't a task force handling this type of crime. Levinson points out that the remedies for cyberbullying are the same as for regular bullying but this requires a student to stand up for themselves. Here in lies a major issue kids are too nervous to report the bullying, but since messages are in writing on the internet the person bullying basically turns themselves in.


  1. I think that the greatest reason for no task force is this is such a common phenomenon. Additionally, it's one of those things that good parenting and guidance can help overcome.