Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I've never used a Podcast or watched one and I'm not sure what the lure is. It seems like nothing more than a slightly more advanced Youtube video. Both can be made by anyone with the proper equipment but Podcasts have more specific abilities to edit. I can understand that some people are drawn to Podcasts because it is video blogging. On Youtube you see people that are doing editorials for things and music videos, but as far as blogging via video, it isn't as popular, which Podcasts can do. Podcasts seem interesting to me, but I can't think of an instance or an circumstance that I'd see myself buying one or downloading one.

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  1. This post needs a title.

    I understand your point, but I think it comes down to different media having different advantages and disadvantages. Video is about watching, which doesn't allow you as much freedom to do engage in other activities as radio. In the same way that people listen to radio, music, and audiobooks when they're walking, driving, doing housework or other kinds of labor, they can listen to podcasts. It allows for more possibilities for multitasking than video.