Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Tivo Of Radio

Apple's podcasting is a wonderful new alternative to radio. A podcast is basically a talk radio show that is prerecorded and either stored on an ipod, phone, or computer for later use. Podcasting usually does not broadcast music, so radio still has an edge on podcasts in terms of music, but as far as talk shows are concerned, podcasts are far superior. Podcasts are like the Tivo of radio. With a podcast you can download almost anything for free and play it back any time you want. The other benefit of it is it that it is actually something that you want to hear. So many times I find myself listening to talk radio that is so awful I can only stand minutes of it at a time. Radio will always have its place over the air and in people's cars, but as time goes on podcast's popularity will continue to grow.


  1. Interesting analogy, and in fact it's become quite common for radio stations to archive their programs as podcasts now.

  2. I appreciate the ability to choose what I want to listen to. Even if I listen to a podcast regularly, I may turn a particular episode off if I thought it was boring.