Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The World is changing

I was about to post; but before doing so I read Sheena's post and I felt just like her about Podcasting. I never used it and didn’t know what it’s about until this class and Levinson’s book. The only Social Media sites I used were MySpace and then Facebook, but now I am on Twitter and Foursquare and even though after this class I won’t use Twitter. Foursquare has become a game that entertains me throughout my days. So to continue on podcasting I went into the link changing the world and heard about a community in Indonesia were everyone contributes ten dollars a month to bring up their social status and they have become so dependent on this funding for those who need help that if they stop it, it would cause an impact on their community, So its news from across the globe in an instant. News while i was growing up was on the radio,tv or in the newspaper but now there is no waiting and there is nothing to miss, if you miss the broadcast it can be saved so you can listen to it at your convenience.

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  1. well, I am glad that you are at least trying things out