Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Light up the Darkness

Cyberbullying and cyberstalking are problems that started in older media such as email but have become more prevalent due to the popularity of social networking sites. However, it is up to us to discover certain solutions to alleviate the problems of cyberstalking and cyberbullying. As we mentioned in class, when Facebook started it out, it required a college email address, but this requirement has changed over the years. However, an age requirement could be an useful tool for preventing middle school and even younger high school kids from using solcial media sites to harass other children. This is certainly difficult as children can lie and say they are of age.

As a result, the responsibility falls on parents and in certain instances, the teachers. As Amanda discussed earlier in her post, parents must teach children how to use the social networking sites Parents should explain to their children that they need to approach their parents when they are being constantly bullied or stalked by strangers or other children. In addition, schools should have a caveat where they may punish students if they are harassing other students from the school. I do not know the full story but certain disciplinary actions were taken against certain students at my high school for "trask-talking" with students from another school.

Nonetheless, it is up to children to admit to the harassment they have experienced on the web.


  1. I think it's important that you also mentioned the responsibility of children to admit to the harassment they have experienced. Although they are essentially the victims, they also play a role in the issue and must assume it by reporting the incident. This way, the situation would gain more insight in order to stop the problem and it can also be helpful as a way to alleviate the emotions felt.

  2. As important as it is for kids to own up to their responsibilities as victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying, can this truly be done? Like Tim mentioned in his post, many of those who attack others through the web are hiding behind a facade, saying and doing things they normally wouldn't in person. It's a tough situation when a cyber bully is not afraid to cause harm through technologies, but is skillful at pleading his case, and working his or her way out of punishment when criticism is brought upon them.

  3. It is a difficult problem, and it does point to the need for some adult supervision I think.