Monday, April 19, 2010 - "Because it's about YOU"

I agree with Amanda that Levinson’s chapter, “New New Media and the Elections of 2008” is a succinct and accurate depiction of the profound effect of developing social media and web campaigning for the presidential election of 2008. New new media was undoubtedly a factor in Obama’s strong support from America’s youth. It could be interpreted that many younger people tended to be disinterested and uninformed about politics because they felt their issues weren’t being addressed. However, Obama’s active online campaigning played a major part in reaching out to the youth generation as an acknowledgement to their interests as well. I personally saw Obama’s use of social networking and web campaigning as a strategic and effective way in reaching out to the youth by showing that he is aware of our reliance on the internet.

I was very interested to read Levinson’s own personal experience on contacting Obama supporters via his campaign website, This campaign web site was most attractive and successful because it gave the people power to take part in the elections on a national scale by making calls to other supporters around the country, etc. Updates were sent to subscribers’ phones via text messaging and e-mail, and his policies were made available on the site itself. The quote below is present on the homepage of Obama's web site:

"When you create an account on, you're joining the online community of organizers who helped elect the President and now are working to bring real change on critical issues, including healthcare, education and energy reform."

This quote reflects Obama's slogan, "because it's about you," by giving the American people a sense of community and involvement in the issues that concern us most; all in the concevenience of our home. This strategic use of technology and new new media in the presidential elections of 2008 proved to be a most significant contributor to Obama’s success.

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  1. the key thing is that he used new media to organize his campaign workers, who then went out and did a great deal of grass roots, door-to-door work.