Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Future Will Hold What Exactly? ...

Levinson’s Chapter 13 is a perfect end to his book. iPhones and Blackberrys are becoming the new face of mobile media. Being able to take pictures, text, open your emails, play games, have different applications to go on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter … is what the new mobile media world is about. Everything you did at your laptop or desktop, now on your phone is what is making new new media even more interesting. The availability of having the whole web world at your fingertips but even closer by having it on your phone makes life just so much more easier. Here is an article of the New York Times discussing the marvels of the iPhone when it came out.


But media won’t stop at iPhones, there will be something that will outdo it. Looking back, one was excited when cell phones first came out because it allowed one to be in touch with their partners, family or whomever wherever. Then we had texting and instant messaging. Then there was the camera and being able to send multimedia messages and also emailing. And now we can do all this plus surf the web. It will be interesting to find out what exactly outdo the iPhone.


  1. It's very exciting to see what will come next. The iPad is the newest item but you can't help but know that more and more is to come. New devices or capabilities which will make our lives easier and quicker.

  2. The general direction is towards ubiquitous computing, that is, access to computer technology and the internet wherever you go, in whatever form you want it.