Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The greatest thing for me concerning new new media and the election was that the election played out on my time. As a busy student I did not always have the time to catch all the important speeches, debates and coverage when the traditional broadcasts were showing them. Live coverage turned out to be inconvenient coverage for me because many of the events took place during the day when I had school or at times when I was very busy and therefore could not watch. Without new new media it would have been difficult for me to keep up with everything. However, using YouTube, broadcast websites and other forums I was allowed to watch the election coverage anytime I wanted, skipping the parts I was not interested in and replaying things as often as I wanted. I could quickly search for issues that interested me so that I could form solid opinions on which candidate deserved my vote. As a whole I felt the election was more accessible then past ones and gave the majority of people the opportunity to participate.


  1. It's a good point about the permanence of new new media and digital media. Even after the materials airs, there is still access to it, days, weeks, or years later.

  2. Great point about the asynchronous nature of new media, and its advantages!