Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Podcasts- Keeping My Inner Harry Potter Nerd Alive

I can understand why podcasts may not be for everyone, but for me personally, I've really grown to love them. As a kinda-crazy obsessed Harry Potter fan, MuggleCast has been my saving grace, which I started listening to in 2006. Despite the book series finishing 3 years ago and the movies nearly complete as well, this podcast has not died out. MuggleCast began in 2005, when podcasting was introduced to the world, and has had tremendous success. Over the past few years, it has won at the Podcast Awards for its productions, including the People's Choice category in 2006, and Best Entertainment in 2008 and 2009. That's pretty impressive for a podcast created and maintained by a group of kids, most of them around our age.
This in itself, is pretty incredible. Here I am, usually teased by my friends for being such a nerd over the books, meaning I usually don't get to share excitement with anyone at Fordham over the latest news about the movies, etc. But I have a way to connect with others who are as enthusiastic about them as I am through MuggleCast.
Levinson describes how podcasting is unique because it can be created by anyone, and it doesn't necessarily have to have huge success. The creator can continue to record episodes even if no one is listening. This democratic foundation of podcasting, is perhaps the best thing about it. Especially concerning MuggleCast- chances are, if the creators of MuggleCast had to convince iTunes to allow them to create a podcast back in 2005, they would have been rejected because many might have assumed it wouldn't do well. I'm extremely happy that this wasn't the case, however.


  1. When it comes to podcasts, you are no muggle, Kimberly thanks for sharing!

  2. Ironically, the MuggleCast has been talked about on the Fantasy Focus podcast as they have become competitors in certain categories for the podcast awards. The Fantasy Focus criticizes the MuggleCast so I was wondering if the MuggleCast has ever responded to the Fantasy Focus?

  3. I remember something from a while back about another podcast talking about MuggleCast, but the details have gotten the better of me to be honest. Sorry!