Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obama's Election Campaign: Everything We Should've Expected

Without reading Levinson's chapter on the 2008 Presidential Election, just about everyone in America is aware of how much the Internet played a crucial role in it.

And as historical it was, and how much it demonstrated that we are truly a society of web-addicts, for some reason, though I was impressed with how Obama and his team utilized the web, I was never surprised or shocked by this fact. To me, it seemed like a given.

Well before 2008, the world had already indugled itself into Web 2.0. If, however, this was the 2000 or 2004 election, and Obama was able to utilize the web in a similar manner during that time, more so than the way Howard Dean did, then I think it would've been a huge deal. I guess what I'm trying to emphasize is that yes, Obama's campaign strategics were certainly groundbreaking, but this was to be expected because of how big the Internet was by then. He was just well aware of this and knew he could use it to his advantage. This shouldn't be shocking for anyone who uses the Internet.


  1. I agree that the incorporation of new new media in the 2008 elections wasn't much of a surprise. Nonetheless, it was impressive. I think that you and I both feel that it wasn't much of a shock because we are part of the youth generation that is educated on the Internet and more reliable on it. However, I'm sure others who are not as able with the Internet and social networking found Obama's use of it fascinating, and maybe even new to them.

  2. At the same time, I think that we still haven't seen a candidate who is truly internet-savvy. Obama is just a step in that direction, a big step, but still just a step.