Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

The Presidential Election of 2008 was one of the most exciting campaigns in history. New new media affected this election so much. The different blogs, the videos on YouTube, status and fan pages on Facebook, and tweets on Twitter are just a handful of what made a difference in the political campaigns.

I watched all the speeches and debates online as well as read the articles regarding it online. had up to date videos and information on the presidential campaigns.

These presidential candidates had to take into account how much new new media would affect their campaign. An issue about campaigns was that people were uneducated about the candidates so the results varied but today’s issue is if the candidate’s are in enough new new media sites getting exposure and if the exposure is in a positive or negative connotation as well as getting peoples’ feedback immediately on their speeches and debates.


  1. During the election, there was so much information it was difficult to keep up with it all but new new media made it easier to multi-task. Sometimes however, there was an information overload.

  2. Bloggers made a big difference, that's for sure!